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 New and interesting manga!

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PostSubject: New and interesting manga!   Wed May 19, 2010 5:11 am

So are there any manga that people would suggest, particularly new stuff that not many people would have heard of?

I suggest Deadman Wonderland. In the future an earthquake rips Tokyo apart. With all the crim, an entertainment company buy the land and turn it into a mass prison/theme park. Ganta, a normal 14 yr old sees a man in red armour outside his class room. The school is suddenly destroyed and all of his friends massacred! He wakes up a few days later and is convicted for mass murder! Sentanced to death at Deadman's Wonderland, he has to find out what happened before his head literally explodes!

The first volume is out now and the second is out in June *hint hint to any one wanting to get me a bday pressie ^_^ *
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New and interesting manga!
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