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 Puzzle Pirates

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PostSubject: Puzzle Pirates   Puzzle Pirates EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 8:28 am

Yarr, do ye be wantin' to sail the high seas in search of treasure?

Puzzle Pirates is an MMORPG and is pretty much entirely described by its title, you're a pirate and you play puzzles Very Happy Because I'm pants at explaining things here's the blurb from their website

Quote :
Puzzle Pirates is a massively multi-player game that includes 20 interactive, fun arcade puzzles. Earn yer keep digging fer treasure, firing the ship's cannon, or defeating yer foes! The game inlcludes seven multi-player puzzles covering sword fighting, drinking, brawling, and four card games. Come and play against other Pirates online!

Basically I'm just trying to convince you all to come play with me XD It's completely free to play all though you can pay real world money for in game cash if you are too lazy to earn it and feel the need Very Happy And even though the concept of the puzzles is simple and straightforward the world as a whole is complex and interesting (at least I think so!)

So if you feel like giving it a go then click the link below and let me know if you want and I can show you around or just dive right in and explore for yourself!

Puzzle Pirates Pp_logo150

Puzzle Pirates PbucketPuzzle Pirates PbucketPuzzle Pirates PbucketPuzzle Pirates PbucketPuzzle Pirates PbucketPuzzle Pirates Pbucket
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Puzzle Pirates
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