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 TaoBao Group Order

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PostSubject: TaoBao Group Order   TaoBao Group Order EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 4:57 am

Hi everyone! I am going to be running a TaoBao group order for any of you who are interested.

For those of you who don't know TaoBao is like the Chinese version of eBay, it allows small business to run their own shops through a single website with most items as buy it now style sales. However it is not possible to buy direct from Taobao unless you have a Chinese credit card so purchases must be done through a shopping service which will typically charge you 10% fee but also give you a discount on shipping which can be very expensive from China

I generally know TaoBao for Lolita stores however it is possible to find anything you want on there, wigs, cosplay, fashion and home decor are all things I have looked at. Of course, as with all internet shopping it is important to be careful where you buy from so please search for reviews of a store before deciding you want something from there. Here is a list of lolita related shops and reviews from them <<Lolita on TaoBao>> and here is a list of useful search terms <<TaoBao search terms>> If you want to see what any of the shops are saying I find Google Translate pretty useful! And here is a <<Currency converter>> to figure out prices, however it's roughly 100元 to £10 so its pretty easy to calculate in your head. Oh and here is a direct link to <<TaoBao>> itself

If you would like any help finding specific things or advice on anything at all then please ask Smile TaoBao can be a little daunting at first but there is some great stuff on there at fantastic prices!

The benefit of doing this as a group order is that we will be able to split the shipping fee, which as I said can be fairly expensive. Also it means that you wont have to worry about dealing with making the purchase yourself and arranging things with the shopping service as I'll be doing all this.

The order will proceed something like this
1. Fill out and email me the below order form by the 16th September
2. I will then send the order enquirey to the shopping service I will be using, probably Taobao Spree
3. Once I have recieved confirmation of prices from them I will then contact you with how much your items will cost. If this is ok with you then you will have once week to transfer me the money for the items so I can place the order proper.
4. The items will be sent to the shopping service, this may take several weeks if anything is out of stock or being made to custom sizes so please be aware of this. Once they have everything they will repackage it all together and let me know how much shipping to the UK will be. I will pay for this initially and then once I have recieved it I will let you know how much you owe for shipping, including postage from me to you if we are unable to arrange to meet in person for collection. Once you've paid what you owe for shipping I will let you have your items!

Phew, thats a lot of info! So hopefully Ive covered everything and some of you will be interested Very Happy Like I said, any questions about anything at all please ask in this thread, PM or email me

Order Form:

Email to applecore_viridian@yahoo.co.uk

Item URL:
Any other notes:

TaoBao Group Order PbucketTaoBao Group Order PbucketTaoBao Group Order PbucketTaoBao Group Order PbucketTaoBao Group Order PbucketTaoBao Group Order Pbucket
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PostSubject: Re: TaoBao Group Order   TaoBao Group Order EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 1:33 pm

I'd be pretty intrested in doing this but I need to wait till I have a day off to have a proper look through this site Smile

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PostSubject: taobao agent:BuyChina helps you shop from taobao in english   TaoBao Group Order EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 9:12 pm

Now, you can use taobao agent to help you shop from China Taobao.

1. Take BuyChina for example, it has been a professional taobao agent for 2 years. and serviced for thousands of oversea buyers. and can provides you professional service from item translation to after-saleservice in english. The orders only charge you a little fee in different items.

2. If you find some elegant items in taobao throught google tranlation, but have not alipay payment to place an order, you can directly copy item url and paste it in Buychina.com search bar to get the english page, and directly paid by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or other Credit Cards in Buychina.com. 

3. About payment:

b.Credit card;
c.Bank to bank wire transfers;
d.Western Union;

4.If you want to get more about taobao agent, you can visit:BuyChinaCom
or chat with online service in the homepage of BuyChinaCom.

5. pls find items from vendors with high reputation, such as 4 diamond, or higher.

Best regards for your shopping in BuyChinaCom.

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PostSubject: Re: TaoBao Group Order   TaoBao Group Order Empty

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TaoBao Group Order
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