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 The World

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The world that the Lorien Trust sets its games in is Edreja. Edreja is actually a dragon's egg of epic proportions (and is shaped thus). The surface is home to many races and to many nations. Of which there are ten who are most prominent.

The Dragons; the celtic nation that rule the lands of Cymrija and Erin.
The Harts; an Arthurian nation, who have ruled the land of Albion since winning a civil war.
The Lions; an Arthurian nation, who currently reside on the island chain of Lantia following the loss of the demiplane of Avalon and their exile from their original homeland of Albion.
The Bears; a proud and noisy nation who hail from Caledonia (which borders with Cymrija and Albion) and greatly love their beer, women and tartan.
The Gryphons; a nation of both doughty warriors and nobles hailing from Lyonesse.
The Unicorns; united traders from Mauritania.
The Jackals; a proud warrior nation from Maurabia and Aegyptus.
The Wolves; a warrior nation from northern lands of Norsca and Orkneyjar (and sometimes Siberja) who hold their ancestors in the highest regards.
The Vipers; the largest country in the Heartlands stretching from Italia in the south to Germania in the north.
The Tarantulas; allied people under the rule of the Valsharess of the Underdark's Drow.

The nations of the Heartlands exist in a delicate balance of alliances and emnities, which have been placated somewhat by the Warlords' Accord, a treaty signed by the leaders of all the nations when faced with the threat of the Akari. However, despite the Akari threat having been dealt with, the Accord has been amended so that it may continue and now, violence between the Factions has been limited to battles of honour, in which fair play must be maintained.
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The World
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