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 Studio space for cosplay?

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PostSubject: Studio space for cosplay?   Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:57 am

I'd like to make bigger cosplays ( The Skag quadsuit I planned, a Greymon 'puppet' suit) But I have no room at home. I can only really do small costumes and even then my room is bursting at the seems. Then I had a thought;

Could you buy/rent a studio for costume making? I know they can get quite pricey but I'd be using my for art to. Perhaps others are interested and we could share? I'd use the room for working and storing.

I'm not going to move out of the house for a few years yet ( unless I get kicked out, then I'd be on the streets lol) so by then I might be too busy to do costuming at all.

( Lol just noticed the double Yoshis at the top XD)
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Studio space for cosplay?
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